Short Film Competition

Subject: Sunil Shankarrao Shelke – An Inspirational Leadership

A public servant who relentlessly works for the development and growth of Maval taluka, Sunil Shankarrao Shelke has done various developmental works in villages in a very short span of time. He has provided basic amenities to the general public and has fought for the rights of the poor and downtrodden. He is recognized by the masses as a proactive leader who carefully understood the obstacles of every person, understood them all and provided a solution.
This short film competition has been organized on various developmental activities and various activities undertaken by Sunil Shelke in the Maval taluka. To participate in this short film competition, each participating contestant will have to make one film about the emerging leadership of Sunil Shelke.
Please provide your relevant information. From the short films presented in this competition, the expert examiner will select the best three, prizes for which are as below :

  • First Prize: 10,000/-
  • Second Prize: 8000/-
  • Third Prize: 5000/-
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