Won’t Tolerate Mis-Governance

Garbage waste was not collected properly in Talegaon city due to spread of garbage dirt on the roads and causing cholera epidemic due to risk of health. In such a situation, due to irregular and inadequate pressure, the citizens were repeatedly ignored by the ruling party due to water supply and pothole problems, due to which they were neglected by the ruling party party, actively participating in the agitation with the participation of the party workers and the people’s participation in the agitation and immediately proceeding from the municipality the next day.

In the Talegaon Municipal Council, the municipal corporator, corporator and the chief officer of Talegaon Council, exposed the anti-BJP opposition against corruption and discrimination in the development work of Talegaon and exposed it to the government.

In Talegaon, the question of supply of inadequate, irregular and unhealthy water has always been continuous. In many places water is wasted due to old watersheds, whereas some of the people in the water supply water without any rules.

Pune District Road Organization Association and Pune District Stone Crushers Association have been involved in the shutdown of vehicles for about 8 to 10 days during the agitation for neglecting the rules regarding traffic congestion of the government departments and officials of the Transport Department. Ma Collector, Ma. After the discussion with the Regional Transport Officer and after getting the assurance of necessary action, the agitation is behind.

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